HSV Nationals 2012

The HSV Nationals were hosted and run by the HSV Owners Club of Qld in 2012.

Held over three days (Friday 13th to Sunday 15th July), the weekend included the main Show ‘n Shine event with Gala Dinner at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. The event concluded on Sunday with a day of full throttle fun at Willowbank Raceway… The entire event was a huge success and has become the benchmark for future Nationals events.

Below is a presentation that serves as a wrap up to the Show ‘n Shine, along with all the category winners listed further below.

HDT  VC – Street

1st – Neville Weathered

HDT  VH – Street

1st – Michael Mitchell (VH Group 3)

2nd – Mike Olsen (VH Group 3)

HDT  VK – Street

1st – Peter Woods (VK Director)

2nd – Frank Sultana (VK Group A)

3rd – Mark Evans (VK Group A)

HDT  VL – Street

1st – Donald Smith (VL Aero)

HDT  VN – Street

1st – Peter Woods (Bathust Group 3)

HDT – Exhibition

1st – Jim Middleton (HDT No. 1)

HSV  VL – Street

1st – Rob Cowman (Walkinshaw)

HSV  VP – Street

1st – Shane Tuck (VP Senator)

2nd – Michael Andrew (VP GTS)

HSV  VR – Street

1st – Michael Green (VR Maloo)

2nd – Adrian Knight (VR GTS)

HSV  VS – Street

1st – Neville Weathered (VSII Clubsport)

2nd – Mandy Weathered (VSII Clubsport)

HSV  VT – Street

1st – Dave Ratcliffe (VT Clubsport)

HSV  VX – Street

1st – Ian Williams (VXII Clubsport)

HSV  VY – Street

1st – Terry Byrnes (VYII Clubsport)

2nd – Peter Eastwood (VY Clubsport)

HSV  VZ – Street

1st – Barry Dunley (VZ SV6000)

2nd – Graeme Gray (VZ Clubsport)

HSV  VE – Street

1st – Craig Barrass (VE GTS)

2nd – Colin Humphreys (VE R8 Wagon)

3rd – Wayne Berry (VE Clubsport)

HSV  VE2 – Street

1st – Brad Rustman (VE2 Maloo)

2nd – Sonya Wells (VE2 Clubsport)

3rd – Jamie Bloomfield (VE2 Clubsport)

HSV  VE3 – Street

1st – Phil Farlow (VE3 Clubsport)

2nd – Kial Hansen (VE3 Senator)

3rd – Andrew Roberts (VE3 Clubsport)

HSV  Coupe – Street

1st – Les Gray (GTO Coupe)

2nd – Doug Stewart (Coupe 4)

HSV  VXR – Street

1st – Louie Alfonsi (VXR)

HSV – Exhibition

1st – Brendan Findlay (VE Coupe)

HDT  VC  VH  VK – Concourse

1st – Nick Criticos (VC)

2nd – Richard Sayer (VK Group A)

3rd – Barry & Eunice Parkes (VC)

HDT  VL  VN – Concourse

1st – Donald Smith (VL Director)

HSV  VR  VS  VT  VX – Concourse

1st – Brad Yarrow (VX Clubsport)

2nd – Steve Byrne (VS GTS-R)

HSV  VY  VZ  VE  VE2  VE3 – Concourse

1st – Mark Evans (W427)

2nd – Richard Winters (W427)

HSV  Coupe – Concourse

1st – Craig Barrass (GTS Coupe)

2nd – Nev Gordon (GTS Coupe)

3rd – Doug Stewart (GTS Coupe)

Top Ten HDT  &  HSV (in no particular order)

Mark Evans (HSV W427)

Nick Criticos (HDT VC)

Steve Byrne (HSV GTS-R)

Jim Middleton (HDT No. 1)

Donald Smith (HDT VL Director)

Richard Winters (HSV W427)

Doug Stewart (HSV GTS Coupe)

Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

Nev Gordon (HSV GTS Coupe)

Brad Yarrow (HSV VX Clubsport)

Best Sedan

1st – Brad Yarrow (HSV VX Clubsport)

2nd – Donald Smith (HDT VL Director)

Best Ute

1st – Brad Rustman (HSV VE2 Maloo)

Best Hatch

1st – Louise Alfonsi (HSV VXR)

Best Wagon

1st – Colin Humphreys (HSV VE Clubsport Wagon)

Best Coupe

1st – Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

2nd – Nev Gordon (HSV GTS Coupe)

Best Paint

1st – Brad Rustman (HSV VE2 Maloo)

2nd – Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

Best Engine Bay

1st – Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

2nd – Nev Gordon (HSV GTS Coupe)

Best Interior

1st – Brad Yarrow (HSV VX Clubsport)

2nd – Brad Rustman (HSV VE2 Maloo)

Best Undercarriage

1st – Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

2nd – Nev Gordon (HSV GTS Coupe)

Best HDT

1st – Donald Smith (HDT VL Director)

2nd – Nick Criticos (HDT VC)

3rd – Richard Sayer (HDT VK Group A)

Best HSV

1st – Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)

2nd – Nev Gordon (HSV GTS Coupe)

3rd – Brad Yarrow (HSV VX Clubsport)

Furtherest Distance Travelled by Entrant

Brendan Findlay (HSV VE Coupe)

Entrant’s Choice

Brad Yarrow (HSV VX Clubsport)

People’s Choice

Brendan Findlay (HSV VE Coupe)

Grand Champion

Craig Barrass (HSV GTS Coupe)