June 10, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
Queensland Raceway
133 Champions Way
Willowbank QLD 4306
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Peter Woods
0428 723 612

Motorsport2  Motorsport


Day Date Venue Time
Sunday 25th Feb 2018 Lakeside 12:00pm to 4pm
Sunday 10th Jun 2018 QR 12:00pm to 4pm
Sunday 19th Aug 2018 Lakeside 12:00pm to 4pm
Saturday 20th Oct 2018 QR 12:00pm to 4pm

Information for sprint rounds

For QR scoring please check their website. The major club trophy will be done using the regularity format with trophies at the end of the year for first to third. We will also be issuing a trophy for fastest road car and fastest track car over the 4 events as well (scoring will be done on best 2 events).

There will be at least 3*6 lap sessions plus passenger ride session at discretion of track management – time permitting.

The cost is $175 per entry payable on line with entry. You will be running in the Open Sprint category. Late entries after 9.00am day before event will attract a $30 additional fee. Other costs apart from running costs are QR AASA track licence of $60 per year or $25 per day. A timing device can be bought for $120.00 which will last approx 3-5 years or can be hired for $20 a day with a $120 deposit required with $100 refund upon return. QR operates EFTPOS facilities at both tracks for Licence, Transmitter, and helmet hire.

Participants should make themselves aware of safety equipment requirements by visiting QR website but in short it is helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants and shoes. If running a full competition harness the club strongly recommends the use of a Hans type neck restraint.

Entries will need to be done via QR Website and you need to first register as a user then go to open sprint group dates and select date to complete your entry for each session. Please note we are no longer running our own group. You will be running with entrants that match your time. Some may or may not be fellow club members.

Entrants should arrive at track at approx 11.45 for sign in with the drivers briefing normally taking place approximately 12.30pm with first groups on track around 1.00pm.

Entrants wishing to participate in club trophy will need to nominate their target time after session 1 to the appropriate club official.

Expected finish time is 4.00pm. Prospective entrants should check the motorsport tab on our website to view handy tips for vehicle preparation for the sprints.

If you want to race this is not the event for you. If you want to stretch your cars legs and improve your driving skills we would love to have you along. You should also be aware that your car is unlikely to be covered by comprehensive insurance for any damage whilst on track.

Peter Woods

Motorsport Liaison and Treasurer

Contact: 0428 723 612