Rocklea Markets 27 Dec 2019

December 10, 2019 @ 8:03 pm – 9:03 pm

We now have confirmed the Friday night 27th Dec at Rocklea Markets night market. We will be meeting in the car park behind the shops at 385 Sherwood Road Rocklea at 4.45pm getting into model order and entering the Night markets at 5.30pm for all to see. Needs to be quite a spectacle. No admission for our cars and passengers as we are the stars of the night.

Please Note: On arrival proceed in front of the shops in the same direction as the arrow on the ground which is facing in an easterly direction, when in front of the coffee shop turn left, proceed behind the shops where we will get our cars into model order.

We would love to have some Brock Cars as well as HSV’s possibly a W1 and a race car if possible, as we will be placed each side of the stage, there is full security at this event, these guys will not tolerate bad behaviour from the public.

This is to publicise the Muscle Car Masters Holden Day in May at the same venue. Please if you can help us with this display by bringing your car, we would appreciate it very much.

If you are able to come, please email