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Member Vehicle Register

A further discussion of the Member Vehicle Reigster was addressed at a committee meeting on the 06 May 2016 and it was decided that a New Vehicle Register be started.

This will require that all current members re-lodge their current vehicle/s details to have their vehicles on the club vehicle register. This will assist in making the register as correct and complete as possible.

You can download the form to complete from the Member Downloads section – click here



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HSVOC 2015 Motorsport Results

2015 Drag Racing Winners

Thanks again to all those that participated in 2015 and congratulations to the following winners. The trophies will be presented at the January 2016 meeting.

To qualify for trophy you needed to be a financial member or the partner of a financial member and points were allocated at 1 point for every .001 difference to your nominated time for the closest 2 passes over both meets.

Male                      Position   Points       Female             Position           Points

Martin Wells               01st      68            Erin Wilcox         01st                    107

Jarrod Wilcox             02nd     287          Sonya Wells        02nd                  164...

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